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2022 Money Challenges Set
2022 Money Challenges Set

2022 Money Challenges Set

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Challenge yourself to set big, crazy goals and see how much you grow by reaching for them.

When you set big, crazy goals, the actual goal is NOT to reach the goal but to become someone who goes after big goals and gets better and better at reaching them. It truly is more about who you become and how you grow by reaching out toward that big goal than it is about the actual goal. 

I included the word Challenge on these charts because they shouldn't be easy goals. If you set easy goals, then they aren't really goals, they are just a checklist. That's fine if that's all you want. But if you want to go further, reach higher.

There are six charts in this set (the file is 13 pages), and you get both the classic black background and the outline version (which uses way less ink). 

Money Challenge

Track whatever money goal you want to with this chart. Some suggestions:

  • Side Hustle Income
  • Business Revenue
  • Work Bonuses
  • Freelance Work Income
  • Selling your Clutter

Payoff Challenge

Track your total debt payoff progress for the year. 

Savings Challenge

Track all your savings goals for the year on this chart to see the full picture of all your hard work. Set a big goal and see how close you can get!

Income Challenge

This chart is for those who are increasing their income at their current job or in their own business. Making more sales, increasing prices, taking extra shifts, working overtime, or working to earn a promotion and a pay raise, can all give a great boost to your regular income. Set the amount of income you hope to make in 2022 and get busy!

Side Hustle Challenge

The ways to earn some side money are endless. Here are just a few:

  • Delivery driving
  • Selling your Clutter
  • Freelancing
  • Teaching English online
  • Yard Work and Hauling
  • Selling your crafts

No matter how you earn that extra bit, use this chart to track your total.

Net Worth Challenge

Track your 2022 increase in Net Worth with this printable chart. Whether paying off debt or increasing savings, you can track them all with this one chart showing you the overall effect of all your hard work on your bottom line.


When you reduce your debt or increase your savings, you increase your Net Worth by that same amount.

How much do you hope to pay off AND put into savings in 2021 to improve your Net Worth?

To set up your chart, follow the instructions here > debtfreecharts.com/pages/how-to

Set a big goal (even an impossible one) for 2022 to improve your financial situation, and see how close you can get!



Customer Reviews

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Megan Bell
I love it

THank you so much for creating these and sharing them. I use mine and its definitely helpful. Thank you so much


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she duck
Love it

Working through debt with your teen has never been more fun! Thank you.

Debt Free Charts

Love them! So good to see my progress when the leaves are coloured in!

Love that this one has 200 spaces

I really like that this one has 200 spaces. I have had a Dave Ramsey chart hanging on my refrigerator for 7 years but you don't get to update the mortgage payoff very often. I downloaded this one because every house payment is one block right now. It helps to make progress you can see EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Thank you for this incentive!

Stupid Tax
Awesome chart

I was very sad to use this chart because my tax really is stupid, but I love that I can track my progress so easily. It makes me feel good to know that I'm getting rid of the stupid tax!

Debt Free Chart
Darlene Tremblay
Love the charts

Printed out a few and couldn’t wait to start using them.
They were designed very well.
Thank you for creating them.