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2020 Money Challenge Year - PDF
2020 Money Challenge Year - PDF
2020 Money Challenge Year - PDF
2020 Money Challenge Year - PDF
2020 Money Challenge Year - PDF
2020 Money Challenge Year - PDF
2020 Money Challenge Year - PDF
2020 Money Challenge Year - PDF

2020 Money Challenge Year - PDF

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Releases December 15th - available for Pre-Order NOW for just $19 (regularly $29)!

Are you ready to stop playing small with your goals?

The Challenge Year came out of the live 7 Day Challenges I did about a year ago. The live Challenges were a big hit, and thousands of people joined in to learn a new way to set goals and learn more about themselves in the process of reaching higher. They learned first hand that the prize of reaching for big goals wasn't the goal itself, but the personal growth they experienced as a result of reaching.

I'd love for you to find that same personal growth, so I turned the 7 Day Challenge into the Challenge Year.

Every page is designed to start shifting what you believe is possible in your money life. And what you believe is possible determines what is possible for you.

Are you ready to make 2020 an amazing year for your finances?

Are you ready to play a bigger game, to reach higher, to see how powerful you are?

Yes? Awesome!

The Challenge Year Planner/Workbook will help you make more progress toward your dream future than you thought possible - if you are ready to play a bigger game.

How? With a monthly challenge to help you reach higher, and simple worksheets that help you stay focused on the possibilities instead of the struggles.

(January pages shown)

Like no other planner or financial workbook - the 2020 Challenge Year is designed to shift your mindset from "it's impossible" to "it IS possible" and then to "it is inevitable!".

You set your own challenge goal each month, and start brainstoriming... if it WAS possible to reach that goal in one month, what would it take? How COULD you get there?

You'll be inspired to try new things, to think bigger, to be bolder, and even though you may not get there every month, your personal growth will take leaps.

And you get a fresh start every month - so by the end of 2020 you will have grown into the person who CAN reach those big goals, and you'll be inspired to reach for dreams you once thought impossible!


Challenge yourself each and every month to reach high and see how much you can do!

This complete year of Challenges has the following pages for each month:

  • Monthly Money Challenge Chart so you can set big goals every month
  • Monthly Income Sheet for tracking all the money that enters your life - NEW design!
  • Monthly Evidence Sheet so you focus on the proof that you can succeed
  • Monthly Spending Days Calendar to use for planning out your spending
  • Monthly Blessings Sheet for writing down one thing you are grateful for every day
  • Monthly Habit Tracker so you can build those new habits that you need to reach your goals (new addition this year!)

That's 72 pages* (6 pages x 12 months) that will carry you through the entire year and help you stay focused on the GOOD stuff, so you will develop the mindset you need to have your best year ever.

Plus I've included these 5 BONUS challenges to help you set big goals for the entire year:

  • 2020 Savings Challenge
  • 2020 Payoff Challenge
  • 2020 Income Challenge
  • 2020 Side Hustle Challenge
  • 2020 Net Worth Challenge

At just $29, that is under $3 per month to stay focused on the right things and keep up your motivation.

*Total page count is 94 pages

Money Back Guarantee - If at any time before December 31, 2020 you decide that the 2020 Money Challenge Year wasn't worth every penny, just send us an email and you'll be refunded your full purchase price.

You've got nothing to lose, and a whole year of motivation to gain.

Comes in either Original (black background) or Outline (for less ink use) version - Select Original or Outline in the Drop Down menu


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