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super saver mario style vintage video game nostalgia tracking progress printable chart


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The Video Game nostalgia is strong with this one! I can just hear the chinging of the coins as you color in each of these 100 squares on the way to your goal.

You can be a Super Saver with the help of this Mario Bros. inspired chart.

Coming up with these charts based on beloved games and video games is so fun, I hope you love this one as much as I do!


Customer Reviews

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Charni Datu


Elizabeth Chacon
Very happy with my chart.

Having my goal visually going to the next level is more motivating for me. I love it.

Fredrick Lee
Debtris & Super Saver

My fiance and I enjoy these charts. They have helped us keep track of paying off debt, and as well fun to watch others to pay off there's. Thank you for making these and We're looking forward to many more of these excellent charts in the future.

Melissa B.
Fun Saving Chart

Super saver is a fun addition to my debt free charts collection. It got my husband interested in DFC for the first time so I’m excited to use this one for household goals! Adds enough Mario theming without being obnoxious or in the way of goal tracking.

Britt Helene Thoresen
They are superb

Have printed them out and they are in use , so handy


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2411 reviews
Love this chart!

I've only just started using the Emergency Fund chart but enjoyed colouring to the point I'm at and it's motivated me to make more money on the side to top it up!

I Paid off my Credit Card

Me encanta 😍😍😍

Aún no lo utilizo xq no he llegado a un acuerdo de presupuesto que me funcione. Pero estoy ansiosa por empezar, ya lo decore y estoy pensando juntar dinero para comprar más de sus artículos. Me encantaron, seguiré bajando los productos gratis y como dije juntare dinero para comprar unos q me gustaron. Gracias, hacen más placenteras mis finanzas

Debt Free Land
Nicole Smolinski

If you’re working on paying down debt and tracking your progress these charts make it so much less boring!

Bank Loan
Rita Weaver
Debt chart review

I recently printed off a chart to document the debt as I paid it off. I love a visual!!!! It’s motivating.

Thank you for these tools!