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Money Tree
retirement savings money tree tracking progress printable chart 100 leaves
Money Tree

Money Tree

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So pretty you'll want to show it off!

This is another one of those ideas that had been rolling around in my head for months and months before finally becoming a chart. 

100 leaves to color in as you reach your goal.

I love this one for Retirement savings goals, as saving for retirement feels like planting a money tree to me, but you can use it for any savings goal you have. And the leaves are just big enough to write in them the amounts as you go too, so you can keep track with more detail if you like.


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Customer Reviews

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Robyn Cloughley
Mortgage Tracker & Money Tree

We ordered the Mortgage tracker which is a house that you colour in to show how you are tracking towards being mortgage free. I love it as I have become motivated by the visual image of a house gaining colour towards our goal of financial well being.
Also we ordered Money tree to build our emergency fund of 6 months of salary as our safety net. So I am responsible for the house and my husband is working on our tree.
Thank you Heidi.

Reopiki Te Huia

Setting small financial goals with a visionary tree and making it fun as you colour in your leaves that represent money you have put towards end GOAL gets you excited to see the end result whilst taking you back to colouring in as a child lol great way to inspiring you children to save also.
Thanks debt free charts

Lisa F
Great addition to my BuJo

I love that your charts add a bit of color and design to a minimalist bujo. My hope is that it motivate me to reach my savings goals.

S. B
Money tree motivation!

Having purchased a few of Heidi's lovely charts and following Dave Ramseys baby steps (even though I live in the UK, I just swap $ for £). I am well on my way to a more stable and secure financial future. The 'Growing my money tree' is my favourite so far. So pretty as it is coloured in! Really keeps me motivated to carry on my financial journey. Thank you so much Heidi.

Great Tracker

So exciting to color in the leaves on the Money Tree tracker. I’m very much a visual person, so charts are a favorite. We even made it a family coloring session, as I printed a few extra copied for my kiddos, so they could take part….


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Meagan Steinke

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Debt Free Land

Debt Free Land
Charlene Johnson

I love the creativity of the various charts. In addition, I enjoy having a visual to monitor my progress.

Credit Cards
Keith Bryant
Simple Amazing

I absolutely love this website. The trackers are amazing to use and keeps me motivated to hit my goals. The thing that make this whole thing amazing is the fact that you are out to truly help people. I do not know you not have a ever met you but I can see your intent on the website. The necessary tracker are free: debt, credit card, and taxes. That speaks volumes to me!

Excellent product

Very helpful and useful.