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Looking Back & Looking Forward 2020/2021
Looking Back & Looking Forward 2020/2021

Looking Back & Looking Forward 2020/2021

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Here's a fun doodle-y way to record 2020 and plan 2021.

Use one page for looking back at the good stuff from 2020 (yes, there was good stuff, I promise, even if you have to look for it), what you accomplished, blessings, important events, lessons learned, whatever you want to remember from the year.

And use the other for planning 2021, what you want to focus on, your goals, your plans, your bucket lists, anything you want to bring attention to for the year to come.

Then at the end of 2021 fill in another one with your looking back at the year.

Put them up on your vision board, or in your planner or wherever you want to be reminded of the good stuff.

Includes FOUR pages:

  • 2020 with Health, Relationships, Finances, Home, Personal, Work
  • 2021 with Health, Relationships, Finances, Home, Personal, Work
  • 2020 with no categories, so you can customize
  • 2021 with no categories, so you can customize

Customer Reviews

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I love making new goals each year, not resolutions! This chart is the perfect way to keep track of them! I even printed out some for my teenage daughter. She loves it as much as I do!

Looking back & look forward 2020/2021

Oh, I absolutely love this. It helps me to see on paper what my year looked like and what it is going to look like. It is nice to reflect back, because sometimes you forget the good things. This helps you to focus and keep your life balanced.

Moving forward

This is a great way to look at what I did last year and what I want to accomplish this year.

I like it so far

I like it so far. Still trying to come up with the best way to use it. :)


This is the perfect way to brainstorm new goals and check up on last years. Or, I used mine as a list of amazing things that happened in 2020 and I’ll use my 2021 page to list amazing things that happen this year 😃


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A planner lovers dream

I love planners and this is like a dream come true. Even if you're not a planner person, you'll love this. It's the most customizable and diverse planner bundle I've ever seen all in one place. There is something for every type of planner from bullet journal to schedule trackers to basic planner people. I am blown away at how great this is! I cannot recommend it enough.


I love this cute chart. It adds some fun and excitement to paying off the dreaded student loans. My husband and I look forward to coloring in the boxes! Thanks so much.

It was perfect


I did not realise the extent of my spending until getting it down on these charts. This has made me more money spending conscious and wanting to pay more to colour more squares in.

Love this debt chart!

I uploaded this to my iPad and I colour it in using Procreate. Every month when I fill in more of the debtris shapes, I feel so happy and motivated to keep going! I have other charts from this website aswell and they are jusr brilliant. They really spur me on to keep going and get this debt paid off. Thank you!