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Big Finance Bundle
Big Finance Bundle
Big Finance Bundle

Big Finance Bundle

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If you're tired of your finances being a big jumbled mess, then this Bundle is for you!

Combining these two super popular packs (that were designed to go together) means you get an even better deal!

Print out just what you need from each pack and build your own system just how you like it.

Included in this Bundle:


Big Finance Pack (70 pgs)

Keeping track of your finances doesn't have to mean a chaotic stack of papers and planners and envelopes scattered about your house.

Imagine if you had everything you needed all in one beautiful binder, with pretty pages that inspire you to track your progress with your financial goals, debt payoff, savings, retirement and more.

"The Best Ever - I have never been this excited over charts. I already started filling in and now my partner is also into it. Thank you Heidi." - Evush

"The Big Finance Pack knocks it out of the park! I have learned so much about myself and my finances just by getting my pack set up for the new year! Thank you for all the thought you put into making the perfect budget planner!!!" - Danelle C

With over 70 pages to help you get your entire money life organized, this is simply the most comprehensive pack of personal finance pages you’ll find anywhere.

This is meant to be a complete collection of everything you might need to get your finances organized and written out to help you make serious progress in your finances.

Think of it as a library of pages where you use what you need right now, and the rest are there for you when you need them.

"Amazing - The finance pack is so much more than I expected. Excited to start this journey. Why spend $60 on a journal when you have a product so perfect. Thank You!" - Ellen

Includes a Quick Start Guide to help keep you out of overwhelm and get started with a few pages that will make the biggest impact for you.

You’ll receive:


  • Vision Board
  • Long Term Goals
  • Quarterly Goals
  • Goal Action Planner
  • Goal Review


  • Income Sources
  • Money Flow Calendar
  • Weekly Spending Tracker
  • Monthly Budget
  • Paycheck Budget
  • Yearly Bill Payment Checklist
  • Yearly Expenses
  • Travel Budget
  • School Supplies Budget
  • Holiday Budget
  • Moving Expenses Budget
  • Blank Budget
  • Food at Home Inventory
  • Meal Planner & Shopping List


  • Debt Priority Worksheet
  • Yearly Debt Payoff Tracker
  • Debt Balances Tracker
  • Debt Payoff Challenge Chart
  • Mortgage Balance Tracker


  • Emergency Fund Tracker
  • Yearly Savings Tracker
  • Sinking Funds Master List
  • Sinking Funds Tracker
  • Savings Goal Tracker
  • Yearly Events to Save For
  • Retirement Contributions Tracker
  • Retirement Balance Graph
  • Snowflake Savings Chart

Other Great Stuff

  • Fun Money Wishlist
  • Future Needs Wishlist
  • Surprise Money Priority Plan
  • Donations Tracker
  • Subscriptions Tracker
  • Credit Score Tracker
  • Soar that Score Graph
  • Online Sales Tracker
  • Mind the Gap Graph
  • Net Worth Worksheet
  • Net Worth on the Rise Graph
  • Child Support Tracker
  • Cash Envelopes
  • Printable Doodle Stickers

Designed to not be an ink-hog, so you can print in regular printing mode and still not use much ink (if you do use an ink-saver or draft mode on your printer, the pages will print lightly, using even less ink).

No Currency Symbols - No matter where you are in the world, no matter what your currency, this pack won't frustrate you with having to cross out the $.

Includes a Quick Start Guide with recommendations for which pages to start with so you don't get overwhelmed!

I did two live videos going over each page HERE and HERE

"Everything in one place! - I love the simple layout and clarity. I am also thrilled to start keeping my “budget binder” together into one place. I printed only the pages I need right now & love that I can go back to print more." - Heidi K

Ultimate Planner Pack (117 pgs.)

Finally, a printable planner that lets you custom build it exactly the way you like it! 

No more wasting money on a planner and finding out the setup doesn't work for you. With so many options you can set it up so it fits your needs. Whether that's with lined or unlined calendars, vertical or horizontal days on your weekly spread, and whether you like to use daily pages or not. 

Plus it's a hybrid of dated months, and undated weeks/days, so you won't feel like you've failed if you skip a week or two, or don't use all the days. Print just what you need each month.

With several designs of each spread, you have the luxury of trying different styles out and finding the one that fits your needs best. 

Designed to complement the Big Finance Pack so you can blend the two together perfectly.


  • Simple and Spacious Layout with lots of room for all the things, no wasted space
  • Lined and Unlined calendar spaces so you can keep your lettering straight or have the freedom to be creative
  • Built-in checklists and trackers on all weekly spreads
  • Soft colors so it's not an ink hog
  • More space to write - No wasted space between days on the calendars
  • Dot Grids in open calendar spaces to use for whatever you like - doodles, quotes, habits, weather, etc.
  • Monthly Priorities & To-Do lists
  • Hybrid Design - Dated Calendars and Undated Weekly & Daily Planners
  • Future Updates and Additions are included FREE!

Nowhere else will you find such a comprehensive pack of matching planner pages, with so many options, for such a great deal. 

You will receive:

Dated Calendars - Both Sunday and Monday start options

  • Monthly 2-page calendars - Lined & Unlined (24p x2)
  • Monthly 1-page Horizontal calendars - Lined & Unlined (12p x2)
  • Monthly 1-page Vertical calendars - Lined & Unlined (12p x2)
  • Year at a Glance 1 & 2 page (3p)

Undated Planners

  • Month at a Glance
  • Weekly 2 page planner, time-based vertical days, two layouts
  • Weekly 2 page planner, list-based horizontal days, two layouts
  • Weekly 1 page planner, five layouts
  • Daily planner in three layouts

Plus BONUS Inserts for what you are focused on

  • Weekly Fitness planner - workouts, water tracker, inspiration, goals
  • Weekly Meal planner - meal plan, grocery list
  • Weekly Self Care planner - mind, body, soul, gratitude
  • Weekly Home Care planner - daily must-dos checklist, cleaning schedule

    Designed to complement the Big Finance Pack so you can blend the two together perfectly.

    "This bundle blew my expectations away, the sheer volume of thought and value are worth 100X what I paid for it." - Sara F


    Instant Digital Download, nothing will be shipped.

    Customer Reviews

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    Big finance bundle

    This has all kinds of finance tools in this bundle. Highly recommend this!!


    Big Finance Bundle

    Surprise Money

    I was going through the charts in the Big Finance Pack and thinking about what would I do with our tax refund. A couple days later my husband received a phone call from a colleague who admires him and what we have built with his devotion to working for a place that cannot pay him what he is worth (but is worth far more in spiritual means to us) and said that he’d like to give our family $20,000 per year. (!!!) So DH and I were able to sit down with the Surprise Money chart and decide where we wanted to give (and re-allot where we give monthly) plan a family vacation, ease our budget by getting some overdue car maintenance done and pay down (almost off) our debt. I’m looking forward to sitting down with Dear Husband every time we get a Covid Relief Payment, a tax refund or a benefactor comes forward (!!!) and work the surprise money with him. That is my favourite sheet in the whole kit (right now). Thank you for helping us to be wise and delighted with this amazing gift and not look back and “wonder where it went.”


    Big Finance Bundle

    Incredibly generous bundle

    This bundle blew my expectations away, the sheer volume of thought and value are worth 100X what I paid for it. In addition to the paper format (which I love) I would love to see some companion online trackers in the future (I’d be all over those as well:)). All in all, you definitely won’t regret this purchase.


    Let customers speak for us

    2447 reviews

    This is just the thing I needed!


    it is helpful to track your debt. Lines are a bit small to fit the amounts in

    Debt is Going Down
    Laura Schultz
    Free and Easy to Print

    Love the designs!

    Michael Baker

    This is my 3rd chart. So helpful to visualize

    Love them!!!

    Great charts! They are definitely keeping me motivated on my debt free journey!