2019 September Challenge Pack

2019 September Challenge Pack

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Are you ready to make 2019 an amazing year for your finances?

Challenge yourself in September to reach high and see how much you can do!

  • September Money Challenge Chart (in Original and Outline versions) so you can set big goals every month
  • September Income Sheet for tracking all the money that enters your life
  • September Evidence Sheet so you focus on the proof that you can succeed
  • September Spending Days Calendar to use for planning out your spending
  • September Blessings Sheet for writing down one thing you are grateful for every day

These pages will help you stay focused on the GOOD stuff, so you will develop the mindset you need to have your best year ever.




This is the PDF Download version, so you can print additional pages if you change your goals (hopefully making them bigger!) or make a mistake on any of the pages.