Free Charts and Impossible Goals

Impossible Goals are the Key to Success - Debt Free ChartsSetting big goals has become my M.O. 

I learned in 2018 that setting small goals doesn't work because they aren't inspiring. Big, crazy goals make you think bigger, think in ways that small goals just don't inspire.

What if it WAS possible?
What would I do if I knew that I could actually do it?
What am I willing to try doing even though it probably won't work
What would it take to make it possible?⠀
Who would I need to be to make it happen?
If I had already achieved this, what would I say to someone else going after it too?

Those are excellent questions! Those are the kinds of questions that help us grow, and reach higher than we ever thought you could.

And when we don't reach a big, crazy goal? It doesn't mean that we are failures, it simply means that we are not yet the person for whom that goal would be easy. And that is ok. We are stretching, we are growing, and if we keep trying, we will become the person for whom reaching that goal will be a piece of cake.

A few months ago I asked for guesses on what my 2019 Giveaway Goal would be. I got answers from 150,000 to 300,000.

So those of you who guessed that my 2019 Giveaway Goal would be 300,000, you are right my friend.

Honestly I was going to do 250,000 for the goal, but when Ashely said "Knowing you - you doubled to 300,000!", I had a little a-ha of my own.

Yes! I should double it. So I did.

It's a crazy, impossible goal, or at least I thought it was, but after seeing January's numbers (over 23,000!), it doesn't seem impossible anymore! At least not as impossible as it was!

I don't know if the goal will stay at 300k, I may have to raise it in a few months if January isn't just a huge, abnormal rush. Last January was big in comparison to the following months, so maybe that's the "new year's resolution" reaction. I will wait and see what the next few months have in store, and reevaluate.

I want the goal to be one I won't hit. If that sounds weird, it is. Usually people set "realistic" goals, but not me, I set big, crazy goals that are out of reach on purpose, because small goals keep me playing small. Impossible goals open up my mind to the question "but if it WAS possible, how could I do it?"

So there you have it, the 2019 Giveaway Goal is 300,000 FREE charts, at least for the time being that is what it is.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for Debt Free Charts this year!


January 2019 - Wowzers!!! 23,050 FREE charts given away in January! That's just, well, mind blowing! I had to go back and count it again LOL. That's more than TRIPLE last January!

February 2019 - Even with the after January slip, this month still came in with 14,444 free charts given away, our third highest month EVER!

March 2019 - Another huge month with 21,073 charts given away! Thanks in part to the release of a brand new style of chart - Debt Free Land - makes paying off debt a game!

Free printable debt payoff charts given away in 2019



  • Wow this is an awesome post! I love the idea of the huge “impossible” goals that you know you might not reach to keep you from “playing small”! This might have to be something I add to my goal setting practice!

  • Absolutely LOVE this… I don’t have a visual for tracking my debt pay-off, but think I need one!!!!

  • I love the idea of putting big goals out there. I have not come up with any too big or crazy yet but I’m working on it! Thanks for the inspo. :)

  • Ooooooooo I think I need to keep track of a debt I’m trying to pay off this is great thank you!

  • This is amazing and I’m in total agreement. Big crazy goals allow big crazy achievements! You go girl!


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